How We Support Our Clients

Understanding Emotions, Empowering YOU

We specialize in empowering individuals who have a loved one with a mental health diagnosis by providing effective strategies to manage emotions such as fear, doubt, worry, overwhelm, uncertainty, and shame. Our tailored guidance equips you with the tools to navigate these emotions, fostering a sense of resilience and control.

Strengthening your emotional well-being is a powerful step towards becoming a steady pillar of support for your loved one.

Self-Care as a Foundation for Support

Discover the transformative truth that self-care is the cornerstone of supporting a loved one with a mental health diagnosis. Our coaching emphasizes that caring for yourself is not only essential but fundamental in providing effective care to others.

Through personalized guidance, we help you cultivate self-compassion, well-being, and a renewed sense of purpose, enabling you to offer authentic and sustainable support.

Personal Growth Beyond Caregiving

Our coaching extends beyond caregiving, illustrating that investing in your personal growth benefits both your loved one’s well-being and your overall life journey. As you work on yourself, you’ll witness positive ripples in various aspects of your life, from relationships to pursuing your dreams and goals.

Acknowledge that prioritizing your growth isn’t selfish—it’s a transformative act that amplifies your capacity to support and inspire those around you.



Want to make sure Life Coaching at You Grow You is the best fit for you? Schedule a 20 minute consultation call where we will get to know your unique story, discuss what life coaching is at You Grow You and how we can be a tool for you in your relationship.


Monthly Membership

Every type of relationship faces its own unique challenges. When your spouse, parent, child, or sibling is living with a mental health diagnosis it can add emotional stress, fear, doubt and overwhelm to your relationship.

Personal Coaching

Two (2) 30 minute Personal Video Coaching each month

In your 30 minute one on one video coaching sessions, we offer you the space to share openly in a private setting, guidance to work on your thoughts and feelings around a situation with your loved one and to teach tools and skills you can use in the future.

Email Coaching

Email your coaching questions 24/7 and receive personalized coaching tailored specifically for you.

Bonus Access

Access and discounts to future training programs


Additional Coaching

There can be seasons when you need extra support when loving someone living with a mental health diagnosis. You can purchase an additional 30 minute personal coaching session if you need more than your two (2) monthly sessions that come with your membership.


For  Current Clients Only.